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Suppling Artwork

Jaguar can accept most industry standard artwork file formats for large format graphics production from Mac or PC including Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark Xpress, Freehand, Corel Draw, EPS, Postscript; and AutoCad or DXF files for plan printing. Please remember to include all supporting image files used and all fonts. 

Image files must be a minimum of 150dpi at the finished size intended for output. Preferably convert the fonts to 'paths' or 'outlines', or embed them in the file. We may have to levey an additional charge for artwork supplied in Microsoft Word or Publisher to correct the files for commercial output.

We would ideally like all artwork supplied to us to be converted to a PDF format, as this embeds all image files and fonts into one document. Please contact us on 01268 534885 if you are unsure how to do this or would like to know what settings to use. The rule of thumb is: if unsure what size to produce artwork, the higher resolution the better. Above 300dpi at finished size however, you are unlikely to perceive any improvement.

Files can be accepted on CD, DVD, removeable media, email. If jobs are required urgently, large files can also be ftp'd to our web server. 

Again please call 
01268 534885
for ftp settings or for any further information regarding artwork and file formats.


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